Who can sell at the Farmers Market?
The New Albany Farmers Market features vendors that have locally grown produce, meat, cheese, baked goods as well as crafts (soaps, candles, etc), local artists, and not for profit organizations. Items sold must be created/produced locally in our region (from Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Ohio, etc). 

How much does it cost to sell at the Farmers Market?
The cost for a space to sell varies by the type of product you are selling and the amount of time you want to commit to our market.  Farm vendors with truck loads of produce as well as Arts and Craft vendors are all welcome.  Vendors can arrive and sell for just one day of the market if you would like with no additional obligation.  For Farm vendors with truck loads of produce the fee is $45 per day. Arts and Craft vendors pay $20 per day.   If you want a space for the season, a reserved spot is $135 or $175 (under the pavilion- waiting list applies) and requires attendance at the market for the season.

I plan on selling at the Farmers Market, can I advertise on this site?
We are happy to let our readers know what will be available.  Please contact the market coordinator with a list of the goods that you are selling and the days of the market that you plan on attending and we will make sure it is listed on the website. We also update the New Albany Farmers Market on Facebook, so feel free to follow us there. 

I want to volunteer and help out with the Farmers Market, who do I contact?
You can contact the market coordinator, Susan Kaempfer, at the following email smkaempfer@gmail.com for any questions or for additional information.

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